Our Products

Product List

We import from renowned company of Belgium, Korea, Malaysia, Italy. Our Product can be categorized in two Grade.

1. Feed Grade Products  2. Water Grade Products

Feed Grade Products List

Product From Nutrex NV, Belgium - www.nutrex.be                                                

      1. Nutrase Xyla HS( Heat Stable): (Pack Size-25Kg)

      2. Nutrase Phytase: (Pack Size-25Kg)

      3. Free Tox: (Pack Size-25Kg)

      4. Choline Chloride 60%: (Pack Size-25Kg)                                                        

Product from Easy Bio, Korea - www.easybio.co.kr  

      1. Lipidol: (Pack Size-20Kg)

Product from Osmosis Nutrition Sdn Bhd, Malaysia - http://osmosis.peterlabs.com.my  

      1. OsmoFAT-300: (Pack Size-25Kg)

      2. OsmoFAT-100: (Pack Size-25Kg)

Water Grade Products List

Product from Andreotti  Farmaceutica, Italy - www.andreottifarmaceutica.it

      1. Ad3E Oral: (Pack Size-1 Ltr)

      2. Hepatec Oral: (Pack Size-1 Ltr)

      3. Amino-Vit-Forte: (Pack Size-1 Ltr)

      4. Vetaragard Oral: (Pack Size-1 Ltr)

      5. Super Vitalyte WS: (Pack Size-1 Kg)

      6. Vit-Es+Zinc Oral:  (Pack Size-1 Ltr)